my life after graduate: Earning Money From Google Adsense

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Earning Money From Google Adsense

The most important purpose to open this blog is to earn some money from Google Adsense...
Do you know anything bout Adsense? Could u see an advertisement above there? That is Google Adsense. And some button at right-top of my blog also a Adsense, that was called Referrals. Besides that , u also can see a bar of Google Search Engine on top of Google Adsense advertisements. All of three elements that i stated before can earn u some money.

For Malaysian, don't worry about payment method. Google have their own metod to pay to us. They just use cheque that we can redeem at any bank in Malaysia not like Auto-Surf that using complicated payment method like StormPay, PayPal and etc.

After some minor research, i found that advertisements that appear on our site or blog will almost related to 2 latest post that u have been post there and they have their own value. For example, u post bout non-profit software like Linux but your friend post bout how to earn money effectively. Your frind will earn more money compared to you because his Adsense make more sense to money earning.

So, I posting this article to make sure that make Adsense will change to more profit advertisement.

And I think, if u writing bout Friendster, u also can earn more money because they are already establish company and have millions of member all over the world. If u realize that Friendster also now adding Google Adsense in their website. They also want to earn free money just adding light advertisements in their website.