my life after graduate: Google Talk

Friday, March 03, 2006

Google Talk

There are a lot of exciting things in store for Google Talk and I thought the best way to tell you about them was to create a blog. I'll keep you posted on new features, happenings in the community, and progress towards their goal of enabling customer choice in Internet communications through open standards and interoperability.

Third Party Client Use of the Google Talk Service

One of the things that's been a lot of fun is seeing so many people use third party chat clients to log into the Google Talk Service.

This is the connection statistics for all the third party clients that people are using to connect to Google Talk. I plan on updating these numbers regularly at some point.
  1. Gaim - 48%
  2. iChat - 14%
  3. Trillian - 11%
  4. Adium - 8%
  5. Meebo - 6%
  6. Miranda - 6%
  7. Psi - 2%
  8. Festoon - 2%
  9. Gush - 1%
  10. fire - 1%

Save a chat, and more...

We have some exciting changes in store for Gmail and Google Talk. The features will be appearing in Gmail accounts starting today.

With these changes you can chat directly from the Gmail interface. Just click on the chat button next to your friend's name and you'll be IMing just like in Google Talk. No need to switch away from Gmail, it just happens right in the same place. Give it a shot!

Another change for both Google Talk and Gmail is the ability to save chat histories. Google Talk users have been asking for a feature that lets them save chat histories, and now we have it.