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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pro Comm Skill : Proposal Presentation

Many people have been asking this question: Which processor should I choose between Athlon64 and Pentium4? Again, many people will start replying : Choose Pentium 4 if you want to do work and choose Athlon 64 if u want to play games.

Applications are software which help us to complete our work. Different people use different software according to their needs. Some people like my father would use a computer just for office work, some people like a web designer uses a computer to generate webpages and some professional like engineer uses a computer to do maths and render engine model. If you say Pentium 4 is better in work, it means that everybody should go for a Pentium 4 whether he's a secretary, a designer or an engineer. If you think this is correct, then you are WRONG.

Alright, now which processor is the true gem? Some of you might already know if you always follow up with various review sites. However, there are also a number of them who are not so well-educated about the difference between 2 processors. Thus, in this review, I'd like to analyse the results from a few reputable review sites and present it to you.

There are 2 main PROBLEMS that we need to consider before buying a CPU:

  1. Power Consumption - A low power CPU generates less heat and save electricity
  2. Performance - Find a processor which suits your work best.

AMD Athlon64 3000+ performs very well in simple multitasking (general application) and single threaded applications (video,photo editing and gaming). Intel Pentium 4 530 on the other hand, performs better in heavy multitasking (multitasking applications) and multithreaded applications (encoding and rendering) due to the Hyper Threading.

Workstation application (science & compilation) favours AMD due to the short pipeline and power FPU of AMD processors. With on-die memory controller, Athlon64 performs even better than AthlonXP which already perform very well. Pentium 4 just cannot keep up with Athlon in this field.

Considering the price, power consumption, features and performance, no doubt AMD Athlon64 3000+ is the winner. It has everything to win Pentium 4 530. The biggest drawback is the lack of Hyper Threading where Pentium 4 gains Athlon64. Well, nothing is perfect in this world, this is what you get at this price.

Advantages of having low power consumption :
1. Save electricity.
2. Does not require expensive cooling
3. Cooling system less noisy
4. Less dust in your casing since no need so powerful fan.
5. CPU lifespan is longer
6. Can overclock high enough without worrying about massive heat.