my life after graduate: [BLOG] Slow Internet Connection

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

[BLOG] Slow Internet Connection

Argh!!!! I always missing 8 credits for blog explosion vote. WHY??
This is one of 1 week range my university outgoing bandwidth graph

Comparing between acedemic block and village (apartment) block.

This is graph for acedemic block.

And graph for village block.

Damn!!! Obviously different. Thats why I missed my 8 credits vote.
SOLUTION: Give me your vote BlogExplosioners'. HaHaHa...


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

Very well, now that explains a lot about our internet connections.

By the way, nice writing there bro. keep it up. i'll be your frequent visitor. haha.

take care n see ya

James Willis said...

Hey I'm voting all the time...

mEsoL said...

Hey, thanks dude.
Maybe i too offensive to Israeli and Islamic, thats y i lost all the time.

Remi said...

Hai Mesol

Of course there are also other methods to consider in getting visitors to your blog. Pick a topic, know what are the group of people who are interested in that topic, find out where they hangout, and join them (and of course, promote your blog to them).

Good Luck! :)