my life after graduate: [GOOGLE] Sending files Using Google Talk

Sunday, May 14, 2006

[GOOGLE] Sending files Using Google Talk

Many of my friends now using Google Talk instead of Yahoo Messenger after my recommendation in my previous post. Why not using Yahoo. In my university, we have a problem to transfer file between village. Village? Yes, at my university, we have separate by village mean, for example, I stay at Village 5, so my IP address is while for Village 4 student they have So, our IT department not allow intervillage to make sure that viruses not spreading quickly between villages.

Get back to our discussion. So, to make sure our transfering files successful between villages, so we use Yahoo Messenger instead of mIRC. What is the problem that we encounter after that? Hahaha. We have a problem when sending message using Yahoo Messenger. The transfer time is so slow because many bandwidth have been use for transferring files. So, I recommend my friends at my university to use Google Talk and we don't have any problem to sending messages even voice conversation. But, we have a problem to sending files and I already figured out how to sending files using Google Talk. But you also must have Google Desktop. How to do it? Use ShareIt

ShareIt is a Google Desktop gadget that allows you to easily share items with your Google Talk friends: text snippets, web addresses, images and pictures, files!


  • You can share:
    • Text snippets (copied or dragged from your browser, a chat window ...)
    • Images and photos (copied or dragged from your browser, your favourite photo editing program ...)
    • Files (copied or dragged from your computer's folders)
  • Compatible without extra configuration with most types of firewalls and routers, including NATs

How to Use

Sending Items: Drag & Drop

Step 1: Start dragging your item...; Step 2: ...and drop it into ShareIt; Step 3: Double-click on your friend's name

Sending Items: Copy & Paste

Step 1: Copy your item to the Clipboard; Step 2: Paste it in ShareIt; Step 3: Double-click on your friend's name

Receiving Items

Step 1: Click on the item to expand it; Step 2: Right-click and Copy it; Step 3: Paste it on your computer

You can download it at

Have a try...