my life after graduate: Movie to Games

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Movie to Games

As always many film makers tend to broaden their movie to game. Do you remember about Ice Age 2: The MeltDown? I already made a review in my previous post, but today not for the movie but for a game.

A kid-friendly platformer with more heart than your average film-to-game marketing tie-in, Ice Age 2 can be quite fun--for as long as it lasts.
The Good: Solid platforming gameplay with tight control and some clever jump puzzles; great graphics; voice acting from the celebrity cast of the film; scrat is a perfectly adorable platformer hero.
The Bad: You'll be done with this game in just a few short hours; camera can be kind of annoying; not much time spent playing as the main characters from the movie.

Besides that, I want to state my favourite games. They are Civ 4, Commandos, Desperados, GTA San Andreas anbd Oblivion.