my life after graduate: [RELIGION] Prophet Jesus and The Da Vinci Code (Christian Perspective)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

[RELIGION] Prophet Jesus and The Da Vinci Code (Christian Perspective)

It is ironic that a movie that most critics have been calling boring, uninspiring and disappointing is currently putting up big numbers at the box office. Granted, Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code

We can certainly say that Christians have fueled the controversy, but have they really turned away viewers or simply drove them to the film? The skeptic (cynic?) in me believe the latter, though not merely just on the basis of all the outcry.

Now let me put all my cards on the table here. I do think that the book, even should Dan come out and say that he did not believe a single word that he wrote in the book to be remotely true, is blasphemous from a Christian standpoint. That statement, of course, is a shoulder shrug to the agnostic, atheist or skeptic. But to a professed Christian (as Dan claims to be) it is absurd to claim that this book is not blasphemous. To deny the divinity of Jesus is to deny not only Christian orthodoxy, but any kind of claim that Jesus was some great moral man to be admired. For even today we don’t think of such lofty things concerning pathological liars who are intent on deceiving the masses, and if Christ is not the God he claimed to be, then you have little left to reasonably cling to.

I also think that The Da Vinci Code is more than a fictional novel and that many people do indeed take the book as being much more than pure fiction. And why wouldn't they? When Dan asserts in his "fact page" (in the beginning of his book) all kinds of legends and mythologies about Jesus as being historical fact, Dan took the book from being one of pure fiction into a kind of allegory that explains his deeper beliefs while using a fictional overlay - like LaHaye and Jenkins did with the Left Behind Series.

So the book raises hard questions that simply cannot be supported by history. Is it true that The Da Vinci Code is a fictional work is based on "a true story" where Mary Magdalene was the "Holy Grail?" Are the dozens of Gnostic gospels, that tell all kinds of odd stories about Jesus and completely contradict one another, more reliable than the four gospels that harmonize events and that are in agreement with non-biblical sources? Should documents written over 200 years after Christ, be considered more reliable than by the eyewitness testimony written in the same century he lived on the accounts of men and women who knew Jesus personally and walked and talked and ate with him? Should tales of secret societies (who allegedly were wrote about 1100 years after Christ) based on a phony document produced some 50 years ago, be considered reliable? Did Da Vinci really paint Mary Magdalene or the apostle John next to Jesus in his painting, The Last Supper? If he did paint Mary, should his imaginations be considered a reliable source to be trusted some 1,400+ years after Jesus?

Our concern here shouldn't be to worry about who has an agenda, but about what is true. Does Dan's fiction, have a solid foundation within history and should the book be taken as an entertaining way to learn about real history? Christians need to engage these questions. They need to educate themselves so that they can educate others on the controversy. But this is not the heart of the real issue here, for we have all kinds of Christians out there speaking forcefully and credibly against these things.

The real problem is that Christians are not being believed. In one sense, that is nothing new under the sun nor is it to be something we should fret about. The skeptics of the first century are no different than the doubters of today. On the other hand, and what is chiefly disturbing (though also nothing new), is that professed Christians are not believing those who rightly put forth credible historical evidence to debunk Brown’s claims. Worse still, they are doubting to such lengths that are willing to believe the fanciful contrivances of a novelist with no historical credentials, over credited historians with over 2,000 years of documented history to back up their claims.

So why aren’t Christians being believed? In both circumstances (in the case of the weak believer and of the unbeliever that is) it comes down to authenticity, and not of historical evidence, but authenticity of faith. Christians are not believable to many because they do not act convinced themselves. An unbeliever may look across the isle so to speak at a professed Christian and see them railing against The Da Vinci Code, along with other instruments of moral decay, and then quietly note with an inward smile the inconsistencies. So they note that they watch Desperate Housewives right alongside them, and that they obsess over money just as they do and that their humor is as crass and vulgar as theirs. It really is little wonder why such little faith exists within so many across Christendom, when practical distinctions such as these begin to be drawn - when desire and what drives those desires are the primary measuring rod being used to determine differences between those who profess Christ and those who candidly claim that they don’t believe in him.

And where is it written that we are to rest our hopes only on what can be seen? When do we get around really placing a trust in Christ that allows us to be filled with such an unimaginable joy that we gladly give up our lusts for the sake of his Name?

The fact is that many will never do it (in fact, we won’t even try) because we either don’t believe that we can do it through God’s power or we don’t really believe that we can be happy in Christ to the denial of all our worldly desires. After all, isn't this the God of universe we are talking about here? What are we doing here? Are we just playing with superstitions we hold about him, or do we really believe that the God of all things can also make us supremely joyful, confident and peaceful in all situations - even in the worst of seasons?

So while The Da Vinci Code may not have exposed the greatest historical and institutional conspiracy in the history of the world, it certainly has exposed many Christians for being the same thing we have been busily trying to expose Dan Brown’s so-called "history behind the fiction" as being: a blatant fraud. In a very real way, this charge touches all of us who call on Christ as Savior because the frauds among us are in many ways the reflections of our own lackings and dedication to the faith. The Da Vinci Code should wake us up, but not to more political activism. It should arouse us to repent of our indifference and of our callousness to a society that is looking for authentic joy and truth, yet finding us to be the very antithesis of them by our lack of zeal and obedience to that which we profess.
has sold some 40+ million copies, but for the movie to generate such a good turnout after such bad reviews has to have a finger pointed to another possibility: controversy.


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Now as for the US "bullying" muslim countries. I don't believe the war in Iraq is right at all. I don't agree with the US President on going into war.

And as far as the 9/11 goes. I do not believe what has been told to the US about terroists like the plane hitting the Pentagon. I have no idea what caused that.

I'd be more than happy to discuss this in further detail but I don't think the US should bully any nation.

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