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Monday, May 22, 2006

[WORLD] Help Them

RM10K had been donated to Dr Khalil al-Haya, MP Legislative Palestine, last friday noon by UiTM.

--Dr Khalil Al-Haya gave his speech at UIAM Mosque on 12 May 2006--

HAMAS : An Advice to Muslim in Malaysia
(This is a message from Dr Khalil al-Haya on behalf of HAMAS in Palestine fo Muslim in Malaysia. He made a visit to Malaysia on 11st May - 17th May 2006 for a campaign "Together Supporting Palestinian and HAMAS". This message have been translated to Malay by Maszlee Malik.

Download it here


Hasan said...

Together we supporting Palestanian and HAMAS

Inqilaab said...

pembetulan... bukan kerajaan malaysia bagi 10k... pelajar UIAM yang bagi.

mEsoL said...

syukran for the correction

Inqilaab said...

again... it's not UiTM lah... it is International Islamic University Malaysia. :D