my life after graduate: Islamic Fact, Chapter 1

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Islamic Fact, Chapter 1

Islamic believers before us totally success in their life. Their gratefulness have been awarded in international people. They became global champion. Marquis of Dufferin and Ava in their book titled ‘Speeches’ said, “Europe has a big debt to Islamic science, Islamic culture and Islamic philosophy because of all these factors, Europe finally went out from the darkness of Middle Age.”


James Willis said...

Hey Mesol how are you? Can you please find me some links on the Osama Bin Laden conspiracy? I would like to make a post to back up your claim about the video being fake.

Also maybe some of the rules you follow in Islam about wearing gold jewelry may a quote from the Koran??

mEsoL said...

i don't have any link for that. sorry, but u can find the video in google video.

for quote from Quran that stated that Muslim (Man) can't wearing gold jewelry, i'll take some time to find it. i'll inform u here when i find it.

James Willis said...

cool mesol i really appreciate your hard work. i would love for the world to see the conspiracy about the Bin Laden video