my life after graduate: shut down?

Thursday, June 01, 2006 shut down?

IN BRIEF | Slyck News published an article today saying popular BitTorrent torrent hosting site, ThePirateBay, has been shut down and had its servers seized by Swedish police. It further alleges that ThePirateBay has previously enjoyed unprrecedented levels of immunity from the copyright wolves and has managed to withstand much political pressure.


A Slashdot submission regarding this story reckons it will be an interesting watch. Could this spark the end for other popular torrent hosting sites? Only time will tell as the law plays catch-up to technology again.


James Willis said...

Hey Mesol how are you? Can you do me a favor. I would like to get an updated top 10 most wanted list since al-Zarqawi has been lost.

mEsoL said...

I not quite sure bout da top 10 most wanted person by ur country. but US army said that, they think Abu al-masri will be leader for al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Instead of that, I want to add some fact that, the first Osama Laden's video that ur country got after 9/11 incedent was a conspiracy. Why? First, the video quality was so bad to make sure that we don't notice that he is not the real Osama. Second, Osama is lefthanded but in the video, we can see that he use his right hand to write a note. And the last one is, Osama wearing gold ring. In Islamic law, a man can't wearing all those items that related with gold.