my life after graduate: Islamic Fact, Chapter 21

Friday, August 18, 2006

Islamic Fact, Chapter 21

Civilization Dialogue
Islam and West

Current relationship Islam & West
  • Swiss journalist ( Roger Du Pasquier) said:
In these closing of the twentieth ceentury Islam has captured the attention of the West and has baffled it. Alone among the world’s religion, Islam not just surviving but flourishing.
  • Frank Tachau, a professor of Middle Eastern Studies said:
Misconception concerning the Arab-Israel conflict help to distort American public opinion and consequently American foreign policy toward Middle East.
  • John Esposito said in his book The Islamic threat: Myth or reality?
He appeals American public in a greater urgency to switch out the notion that Islam is a new global enemy of the west after the collapse of communism.
  1. Muslim are mainly Arab and Islam is the exclusive religion of Middle East
  2. Islam is primitive
  3. Islam is a religion of fanaticism, fatalism and polygamy.
  4. Islam is oppressive against women and minorities.
  5. Islam is incompatible with human right, pluralism and politic tolerant.


CyberCelt said...

I have a problem with generalizations about religions. Christianity is not exactly known for outstanding faith, hope and charity to others. I do not know enough about the Muslin religion to form an opinion, but the few Muslims I have known in the US were not polygamists or mysogynists.

mEsoL said...

About polygamists matter, yes actually Islam give oppurtunity to a man to have up to 4 wives but the have to exceed certain requirement. Not simple have 4 wifes on one time like that. The man should have the strenght in term of physical and mental. He also should have good financial to support his 4 wifes. And also have to fair with his wifes when come to queues and many more requirements. Yes, many of Muslim not perform polygamy because they know the responsibilty of became a good husband. Christianity not allowed polygamy. Why? That means you show the truth love to your current wife? Not at all. He (Husband) intend to get divorce if he want to marry another woman. Besides that, he try to get a mistress (a woman who have a sexual relationship with a married man) and this is forbidden in Islam. Why? We have our own reason. There is no single benefit when you have a mistress. The possibilities to get HIV +ve is so high. that why Islam not allow us to have mistress instead of polygamy.

For mysogynist term, i not understand it. could you give simple term of it. Thanks.