my life after graduate: Islamic Fact, Chapter 23

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Islamic Fact, Chapter 23

Diffrent Belief in God
From Different Religion
  1. Mankind in this planet commonly believes in God.
  2. The atheist who decline to believe in God has now gradually going to accept the Existence of God.
  3. This due to their weakness and disability to describe the world phenomenon and miracle of the creature.
  4. People however differ from each other in believing in God.
  5. The reasons:
  • Different school of thought and they are nurtured different background.
  • Do not dare to put the issue in public forum and discussions
  • Believe in superstitions.
  • Unreliable resources was used to support the teaching.
  • Ignorance, there are certain group was deviating from the true teaching of Messengers of Allah.
Hinduism and faith
1. Hinduism believes God is supreme Brahman.
2. Hinduism personalize Brahman as;
- Brahma ( Creator, with four heads symbolized creative energy),
- Vishnu (preserver and protector, the God of stability and control)
- Shiva ( Destroyer and Endings)
3. Hinduism believe in incarnation which no ending for this life. God emanated itself to cause the illusion of creation.
4. There will be no beginning and ending to creation but repetition and cycles of creation.
5. Hinduism believes in monotheism and at the same time believes many Gods, which are representatives of various aspect of the one supreme God.
6. Some believes there are 330 millions of Gods.

Christian and God
1. Christian accepts the supreme is one, but three in people (trinity).
2. The God father, The God Son and The God Holy Spirit. They are three Gods but One.
3. The holy spirit is composed of intellect, emotions and will.
4. It is difficult to grasp the picture, one way the visualize the concepts is to examine the nature of water ( H2O)
5. Water is one element but it can take on the form of three distinct properties: liquid, ice and vapor.
6. The authenticity of the book which called Gospel, or Bible or Injil is arguable.
7. The Bible was written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and john, they were living 300 years after Jesus was died.
8. The use of writer’s name for the book is a strong evidence to show the book was not written by Jesus.
9. The big mistake done by Christian is to conclude the humanity of Jesus into the divinity of God.

1. Believe in One God and to be worshiped it’s name Ahura Mazda (wise lord)
2. They also believes the existence of evil which calls Ahriman.
3. Ahura Mazda is a eternal light it’s emanates from bounty and goodness.
4. Their followers worship fire.
5. The key person for this teaching is Zarathustra. He was born around 1000-600 BCE.

1. Muslim have faith in Allah as the Almighty God.
2. God is One, the oneness of God.
3. The most omnificent, knowledgeable and omniscient.
4. The was the first and the Last and no one like Him.