my life after graduate: Islamic Fact, Chapter 29 - Volume 2

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Islamic Fact, Chapter 29 - Volume 2

Jesus of the Qur’an or Jesus of the Bible?

You compare and decide who the true Jesus is!

Jesus of the Qur’an: No mention of Jesus using weapons! Jesus is a righteous prophet! (Qur’an 6:85).
Jesus of the Bible: Jesus attacks people with a whip (John 2:15) and encourages his disciples to use swords (Luke 22:36, Matthew 10:34). Jesus encourages self mutilation (Matthew 5:30, 18:8, Mark 9:43), and he even encourages castration of the penis (Matthew 19:12). Jesus’ follower Paul wanted to castrate his opponents (Galatians 5:12). Jesus endorses the idea of killing people by slaying them (Luke 19:27).


Joe Hagarty said...

Jesus never wrote a thing. Everything in the new testament was written more than a century after his death. It is the writings of his followers.

mEsoL said...

yeah you are right. do i wrote in blog and mention that Jesus writing? Ermmm, Jesus followers'? This post already one of the writing of Jesus followers'. I just quote from your Testament. Do you have any problem?