my life after graduate: Islamic Fact, Chapter 29 - Volume 7

Monday, September 04, 2006

Islamic Fact, Chapter 29 - Volume 7

Jesus of the Qur’an or Jesus of the Bible?

You compare and decide who the true Jesus is!

Jesus of the Qur’an: Jesus is very kind to his mother Mary (Qur’an 19:32). Jesus shared meals with his mother Mary, a gesture of family unity (Qur’an 5:75).
Jesus of the Bible: Jesus said you must hate your family (Luke 14:26). Jesus insults his mother Mary in front of others (John 2:3-4). Jesus respects his followers but disrespects his own mother Mary (Luke 8:19-21). Jesus would not let his followers bury their own dead father and say goodbye to their families (Luke 9:59-62). Jesus said your family is your enemy (Matthew 10:35-36).


TaureanMinx said...

And the point of this comparism is? Many of the scriptures in the Bible are not to be taken literally. A scholar like you should know that.

Anonymous said...

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