my life after graduate: Our Stand Toward Bible (Cha. 30 - Vol. 1)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Our Stand Toward Bible (Cha. 30 - Vol. 1)

The chapters or verses in Bible we called it as 'book'. According to this statement, bible is a collection of 66 chapters or books, where 39 of them in Old Testament and other 27 books in New Testament. In Old Testament contains the rules of Prophet Moses, chapters of history, poetry and a chapter of future prediction.

New Testament contains of stories of Jesus' life wrote by Christian scholar, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Their writings have been called as Gospels. Besides that, New Testament also contains chapters or books of The Acts that describes about Christian in early of its birth, the letters from popular man, St. Paul and Christian scholars before him, and a book called Revelation.

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