my life after graduate: Our Stand Toward Bible (Cha. 30 - Vol. 4)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Our Stand Toward Bible (Cha. 30 - Vol. 4)

Some Christian scholar thought, Bible is a document that distributed by Church, so that Church has the authority to change the content of Bible. This statement said by Pastor of Orthodox Church in Denver, His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah of Proikonisou and Presiding Hierarch of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Denver, in Denver Bulletin published on March, 1995, Vol. 3, No. 3. He wrote, “The journey of church not depend on Bible because the content of Bible have been decided by Church. From the first century of Christian religion, not single human have touch the Holy Book called Bible because it not exist.” This statement shows, in Christian, the rank of Church is higher than Bible and the Church have the power to decide everything including the content of Bible. Whereas in Islam, Koran is the highest and it decide everything in Muslim life.

Because of the original Injil or bible doesn't exist anymore, the writers of Bible have to find various sources that incomplete to write the content of Bible. In The Anchor Bible Dictionary said that, “Because the copy of original Bible doesn't exist anymore, the content of Bible should be develop using incomplete texts and have many contradictions. The incomplete sources exist in form of copy from the previous copy. The copies also have various and contradict with each other.”

Reference: The Anchor Bible Dictionary, David Noel Freedman, CD-ROM, Chapter “Textual Criticism, New Testament”