my life after graduate: Our Stand Toward Bible (Cha. 30, Vol. 6)

Friday, September 29, 2006

Our Stand Toward Bible (Cha. 30, Vol. 6)

Because of that, there are many differences, plus sometimes contradictions in bible because of that sources. In Peake's Commentary on the Bible said, “The public already know that the foundation sources of Gospel came from grapevine and gossip from previous Christian believers and it will have many variation regarding the words and the behavior of Jesus.”

Reference: Peake's Commentary on the Bible, Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd, 1919, hal. 633


Sunny said...

The Christians' real gospel has been lost for years, that's why they wonder around with different versions of their "bible". The real Bible was lost years ago when the Christians were weak and the current bibles are a mixture of man-written words.