my life after graduate: Our Stand Toward Bible (Cha. 30, Final Volume)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Our Stand Toward Bible (Cha. 30, Final Volume)

Some of the sources of the Bible were unidentified from where they came from, but still approve in bible as The Word of God. In 'The Cambridge Histrory of the Bible' said, "Many of the stories in New Testament were unidentified from where they came from except the letters that wrote by St. Paul"

Reference : The Cambridge History of the Bible, bab "The New Testament : The New Testament in the Making", 1970, Vol 1, hal 233.

From all of 9 Volumes here, I can conclude that today's available Bible cannot be The Word of God totally. The reasons are the sources that have been used not genuine. Besides that, additional information made by the writers using their own interpretation also affect these sources. This is completely different in Islam. In early stage of Al-Quran, Prophet Muhammad command his friends to write and memorize. After that this manuscript will be the reference when they want to make a copy of Al-Quran, with no additional information and alteration because it will be identify by Islamic scholar because they already memorize the whole Al-Quran.