my life after graduate: Our Stand Toward Bible (Cha. 30, Vol. 9)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Our Stand Toward Bible (Cha. 30, Vol. 9)

Regarding the methods for choosing the sources of fact and information, the writers of Bible using filtering creteria that not so sure. Besides that, the writing credibility of them always be questioned and its also make the credibility of Bible also affected. This matter different toward Islamic scholar, they are too critical toward each of the information that they received, for example in receiving of Hadith of Prophet Muhammad. The Hadith will not be accepted if the previous chain of writers are in unknown status or the bahaviour of the writers also can be classed as bad.

Bernard Lewis in his book, Islam in History said, "From beginning, Islamic scholars know that the effect of fake swearing and the sources of religion using doubtful sources. So, they figure out a method to avoid fake information. This knowledge system was so marvelous and profesional. In other hand, the knowledge of analysis in history of Latin Christian was so weak and tiny, moreover the system in Yunan Christian age, although it is better than before, but it cannot compete with the writing system of Islamic history"

Reference : Islam in History, Bernard Lewis, open Court Publishing, 1993, hal. 104-105.