my life after graduate: Greatest Inventions, Vol 6

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Greatest Inventions, Vol 6


Distillation, the means of separating liquids through differences in their boiling points, was invented around the year 800 by Islam's foremost scientist, Jabir ibn Hayyan, who transformed alchemy into chemistry, inventing many of the basic processes and apparatus still in use today - liquefaction, crystallisation, distillation, purification, oxidisation, evaporation and filtration. As well as discovering sulphuric and nitric acid, he invented the alembic still, giving the world intense rosewater and other perfumes and alcoholic spirits (although drinking them is haram, or forbidden, in Islam). Ibn Hayyan emphasised systematic experimentation and was the founder of modern chemistry.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I understand that Islam is a valid religion in the best sense of the word, however, these criminals that insist on kiling innocents and launching a jihad against every innocent in the Christian and Judiac world, destroy Mohammed's word.

The Koran is after all composed of the first five books of the CHRISTIAN BIBLE.

mEsoL said...

Who are killing innocents? In Islam, we defend our religion because someone creating crimes. That the truth meaning of jihad.

I always heard, Jews killing Palestanians people without any reason. That the biggest crime I ever heard.

We believe in Injil by Prophet Isa not Bible of Jesus. The Bible that you reading now just a modified version from your so called writers (Mark, Luke and so on, and nobody know the clear identity of these guys. What a shame.)

Anonymous said...

Journaling Our Thoughts Recently I was watching the Oprah show and it was about doing something really great in someones life. Was it buying them a special gift? Or taking them out? Not really.

It was about saying something really special to them. Telling a child how beautiful they are.

Telling someone you love how you appreciate their beauty, how you love spending your life with them.

Comments like these last for that person and makes an "imprint" on them for the rest of their life. Especially to children.