my life after graduate: All England 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

All England 2010

Lee Chong Wei has indeed delivered at the All-England Open. What makes it even sweeter is that it's the 100th edition of the AE, quite a memorable one for him to win as his first major trophy!

This is better than watching him beat Lin Dan.

Lee Chong Wei beat a very very determined player that had nothing to lose and possibly a one tournament wonder at the peak of his career who defied all odds to reach the final in the all england.

If he beat Lin Dan, people will say Lin dan was already in decline in his career. So this is better for me personally as a Lee Chong Wei fan.

Congrats to Datuk LCW's first Major victory! Closing by a bad line call, but this is sports, controversial endings happen and that's that.. ... and what a way to remember the 100th All England.