my life after graduate: Stress & Anger

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stress & Anger

The training just make feel like to join it. 2 days away from office is a blessing. I just finish 2 days course of Stress & Anger Management.

Basically what have I learned:
1. Stress can be saperate into 4; Body, Mind, Behavior & Emotions
2. When u under stress, your 5 senses didn't function well
3. Stress & anger have similarity, they both involve mind. It is related to perception & emotion.
4. What happened can't be forget, it'll be last in our sub conscious mind till we die, but you can cure it by apologize. Marked them as lesson learnt / experience.
5. Person with high ego, just will hurt himself / herself more than others.
6. Emotions is temporary.
7. Never regret of your decision but with 2 condition; you're waras and you did seek advice from others before make any decision.
8. Because of a person, you stressing yourself. You're not fair to yourself, many others still love you.
9. How to smile, even when you don't feel like it. But don't force to smile. If you can't smile with your mouth, learn how to smile with your eyes.
10. Disline -> Anger -> ILL WILL
11.Think all the consequences.
12.When you hate / angry with someone, we find ways and means to hate him / her even more.
13.People are defensive. People never admit their wrongdoings.
14.Change is hard. Do you WANT to change? Or do you NEED to change?
15.Don't ignore it, don't entertain it, analyze it. Ignore it, doesn't make it go away. Thoughts will develop when we entertain it. Therefore, look at it, analyze it.
16.When you share it, the problem become smaller and easier to solve.